by Aviator

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released February 1, 2010

Recorded and mixed by Aviv Marotz at the Georgetown Lot

TJ Copello - vocals
Aviv Marotz - drums
Mat Morin - guitar
Tommy Regan - bass
Mike Russo - guitar, vocals

Cover photo by Alana Hess



all rights reserved



Fluent, tasty, assured, mature, authoritative, individual, big, bustling, hard, virile, very masculine, sinuous, sinewy, muscular, thoughtful, modern (yet rooted in tradition), imaginative, sensitive, consistently fine.


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Track Name: Second Chances
Like pictures on the wall
Time fades away

This place has left me stranded
The realization I am empty handed
There is nothing left

There was nothing left

He'd seen it all
There was nothing left
He said, "I have to move on"
Getting stronger with every step
But this place won't let him forget
Like a photograph pinned to his heart
Embedded deep within his chest

So he walked
He walked for days
In search, he said, "help me get out of this place"

He walked alone
Wishing he could be back home
He always knew it'd be this way
A town too small for him to stay

And as he wandered along
He thought to himself
"This suffering's endless"

"How can I stay strong
When everything I held so close was ripped away?
It was ripped away"

And then he realized
"I don't need anything
I'm better than this"

And those who seek it
Will find redemption
In a place where
They least expect it

And he said...

"Keep your courage up
And it will keep you up"

So I walked
I walked alone
And I found
My heart was always home

So this is home
Different than I recall
And time fades away
Like pictures on the wall.
Track Name: Winter Blues
Wake up

This seasons taken it's toll
On my mind, body, and my soul
So fucking cold

So cold, so alone
Spend all the time in the world on my own
Procrastination, it's getting old
So much for practicing self control

I always said I'd never leave
But this winters really testing me
This mindset shows no empathy

I tell myself, "tomorrow I'll be fine"
Yet everytime I fall asleep
I wish I could sleep 'til the Spring

Mike: With this sadness in my heart
The cold air burning in my lungs
I try to find some warmth
I feel I can't remember

TJ: My hands are dry and cracked
My mind is negligent
I sing these winter blues
These winter blues foreseen too soon

Looking back without regret (move on, move on)
With the warmth of a sense
A sense of hope over distress (move on, move on)
Without regret
With every chance I get (move on, move on)

And as the days go by
I look up to the sky
(Move on, move on...).
Track Name: Know More
Don't look down your fucking nose at me
You are hopelessly hoping
I will be what you want me to be

I won't take this
Why would I feed such mindless bullshit?
Your heart is plastic
your soul is faceless
I won't be made to wear a suit too old to fit

A child's self esteem thrown away
You glorify whats left behind
An empty shell or a rotting mind
They were too young to understand
You promised them a "promise land"
We are those who chose a sense
Of right and wrong over obedience

Group: These are our lives and we won't change
For anyone or anything

TJ: I am my own soul
I refuse to bend
To your way of life or your stupid trend
I refuse to bend to your fucking trend

I've had enough of having enough
And therefore I am (therefore I am)
Rising above (therefore I am)
Stronger than I've ever been
Not letting this get the best of me
I am complete
Therefore I am complete.
Track Name: Cutting Ties
I always seem to want what does not want me
Lead me from this path I’ve chosen in vein

Asking questions without answers
In hope of making this "friendship" strong
Now I see that I was wrong
And maybe I was the foolish one

For letting myself be led on
I’ve thought about this for some time
Shed some light on my once lonely mind
Now I see
Where I stand
In your thoughts
In your eyes
Move on and stop wasting my time
I suddenly don’t have to be
Anything you expect from me
Just look away
You’ll never see this side of me

But it only lasts so long

Something feels so very fucking wrong
I just can’t seem to break away from the fact

I want this so bad

What will it take for you to let me in?
To mistreat you the way that I have been?
I guess it’s true, the nice guys bound to lose
So I am done with this, I’m done with you
Your flaky actions speak much louder than
The bullshit messages your lips would send
All I ask for, if your answers no
Please just make it known and I will go

Because people like you will never bend
You’re the reason
Chivalry is dead.
Track Name: Grace
Even though you're gone
I know you're always with me
I feel your presence
I hear you calling

And when you left me lost without direction
You guided me back to a place
Where I feel I belong

Lifting me from many burdens
Being alone ain't for the heavy hearted
Don't ever take the ones you love for granted
Keep them close

They'll never give up on you

I know that you're with me wherever I am
I know that you're watching
Helping me find my way again.