My Fictions​/​Aviator Split

by Aviator

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released November 13, 2010

Aviator tracks recorded and mixed by Aviv Marotz. My Fictions tracks recorded and mixed by Tyler Bradley.

TJ Copello - vocals
Aviv Marotz - drums
Mat Morin - guitar
Tommy Regan - bass
Mike Russo - guitar, vocals

Artwork by Adam Vass



all rights reserved



Fluent, tasty, assured, mature, authoritative, individual, big, bustling, hard, virile, very masculine, sinuous, sinewy, muscular, thoughtful, modern (yet rooted in tradition), imaginative, sensitive, consistently fine.


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Track Name: I'm Sick of Standing in the Same Place
I’M SICK OF STANDING IN THE SAME PLACE / “Just take it one day at a time” / that’s what they always say / and yet I’m pressured to decide who’s path I am to take / I carry your mistakes and the weight of your past / your words like ocean waves breaking on my back / though you support my decisions / how long will that last before you’re on me again to get my life on track? / still living under your roof / I’m walking out the door / how can I follow my dreams when I don’t sleep anymore? / for me I’m living for today / for you I’m living for tomorrow / I am living lies and I’m missing out on the life I love and all I care about / I can’t write sometimes / sometimes I can’t even think / as I envision my life / it’s getting harder to see / and sitting in this room / these people’s thoughts confined / their futures all so bright / my visions going blind / overwhelmed with doubt and running short on time / I’m second guessing myself and now I’m falling behind / I won’t fall behind / “just keep your head in one place / by God’s grace you’ll be fine” / I won’t fall behind / “one day you’ll find your spot / you’re feeling lost but you’re alright” / take these broken hands and guide me out of this place / I won’t fall behind / take my broken mind and mend it back to health / this time I’ll be alright / I have no idea what I’m still doing here / I should have found myself a very long time ago instead of losing myself in thoughts of tomorrow / somebody pinch me please / wake me from my parent’s dream that they’ve imposed on me / I’m sick of standing in the same place but I won’t lift a finger / I won’t change my ways / you know you’re preaching to the choir / though your intentions are good / a healthy future can’t be so hard to find.
Track Name: The Definition of a Dead End
THE DEFINITION OF A DEAD END / Too much to say / too little too late / these four walls could never keep all the thoughts of you in the back of my mind from trickling to the tip of my pen / the ink pours like blood from the tip of my tongue / but the hatred I feel / it’s not for you / but the things you said and the things you did not do / these unfinished entries are all I’ve got left / I’m still here holding on to what’s already dead / keeping it alive within my own head / this migraine is endless / I can’t explain the pain I’m feeling inside / but if you would only let me I could show you / that is if you wanted me to / I’m such a fool / I remember when you said “we’ll meet again when the leaves fall” / well they’ve fallen along with every hope / buried beneath the leaves and the snow / though I might not show it / simply put I’ve been desperate / it takes a weak man as strong as I am to admit that / this past year has been one of my worst / distance has more than one meaning for us / and the closer I get the more distant I become / I have no shoes for you to walk in that could help you understand just what I’ve been running from / but maybe just your bare feet would be enough / at least then you might see why I have been so cold / I took your word / it led me down a dead end road.